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LinkStash is an outstanding bookmarks/favorites manager which works for all later versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape 7, (Mozilla, Firefox) Opera and NetCaptor. Just 5 minutes with LinkStash and we are betting you will never want to use the IE favorites, Opera or Netscape bookmarks again!

Note that although you will find LinkStash far more convenient to use to manage a substantial list of favorites, you can still use Internet Explorer's favorites to visit certain websites if you wish, for example, a short list of sites you visit most frequently.

LinkStash will open and close with your browser, and using LinkStash means you can store and organize all your favorite links in a familiar Explorer-style tree arrangement. With fields for comments (which can also be used to store website passwords), your own rating system, date last visited, and so on, links can be easily edited, maintained and kept up to date. You can make your bookmarks visible and easy to find by using color highlights. A fully customizable toolbar allows you to arrange all your favorite commands in a sensible, custom arrangement of your choice.

LinkStash combines the functionality of a top notch bookmark manager with complete automated password control. Store all your passwords safely and securely encrypted in LinkStash, protected by a master password.

Now a single configurable keystroke can fill one, two or even three fields automatically on any website which requires a logon, once you have stored the information in Linkstash. LinkStash also maintains a master list of username/passwords with the extra protection of a password required every time you open that master list.

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